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According to Journal Star, drop-off locations for people that want to help those in need are plentiful and available across the state of Illinois. Other forms, such as clothing donation bins, are available to those that have used clothes or any other household items to donate.

There are plenty of different charitable organizations around the state for you to choose from. And given there’s so many, you’ll likely be able to find a thrift store or donation bin near you quite quickly.

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List of Illinois Thrift Stores & Donation Locations

America’s largest list of donation & thrift store locations


As you can see from the list above, there’s plenty of charities in Illinois that will accept your clothing and other goods as a donation. To what causes your donation will support, please visit the charity’s official website.

Generally speaking, your donation will end up in one of two places. They’ll either be given directly to those in need or be sold in a thrift store. The funds from the sale will then be used to support their other activities.