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Alabama is a beautiful state, not only for the scenery but for the generosity of its residents as well. One of the ways its residents give back is by donating a wide range of goods to the many thrift stores and donation bins throughout the state.

There are many different charitable organizations for your to donate to in Alabama, giving anyone the chance to reach out and help those in need. On the other hand, donating clothes also serve an ecological purpose, since you don’t have to worry about things like recycling.

No matter which organization you choose to donate to, most will accept clothes and other household items. If you’re not able to make it to a donation location, feel free to give them a call and see if they can arrange a pickup service for you.

One of the most popular organizations to donate to in Alabama, as well as the rest of the states, is Goodwill. They’ve recently upped their game in Alabama as well, by renovating the stores and opening new drive-thru donation centers. Donation choices with this organization are practically endless. Besides clothes, you can donate furniture, books, and much more.

The Arc of Central Alabama also a great pick, reminding you that your donation will actually make a change in other people’s lives. This charity also provides the option for a pickup of any type of donation throughout Alabama. They are accepting anything from books to furniture and clothes.

The Salvation Army also comes to mind, the organization that’s been around for over 100 years in Alabama, helping those in need. They provide hope and support to hundreds of people by receiving clothing, electronics, cars, bedding, furniture, as well as other items, and distribute them accordingly.

All of these charities are available throughout Alabama, including Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Mobile, and Tuscaloosa.

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There are plenty of different charitable organization in Alabama that you can donate your old clothes and other items to. If you care about what they’re supporting, please visit the charity’s website to find out more.

Most typically, your donations will be transferred to a local thrift store and go up for sale. The funds will then be used to support their causes. Otherwise, they may be donated directly to those in need.